Do It Yourself Business Growth Training


Welcome to the Business Growth Simplified “do it yourself” online training program referred to as SPARC DIY. This business growth training program is being designed and developed by our Business Growth Simplified Forum members to help understand and apply the BGS SPARC Business Growth Framework to your business.  DIY members of the forum will be included in pilot testing of the online training program materials to help BGS develop the most effective business growth framework on the Internet!

If you are interested in being involved in pilot testing of SPARC DIY, for FREE become a DIY Member.  Or, you can purchase a spot in each of the course/modules as the become available on the BGS Webinar & Events page.

Introducing the SPARC Business Growth Framework

SPARC Tools LogoThe SPARC DIY online training is broken into number of different courses.that correspond to the steps of the SPARC business growth process. Each course contains information to understand the critical concepts necessary to accomplish that step in the SPARC Business Growth process.  The information is organized by modules. Each module is designed to teach you one or more learning objectives. Most modules have a short quiz at the end to assure that you understand the concept presented in the module.

You will learn these concepts in each module of this business growth training through a series of readings and videos. These learning tools will teach you how to use and apply the proprietary BGS business tools. The tools help streamline organizing and taking the actions necessary to grow your own self-sustaining business which gets you closer to realizing your dream for independence and financial freedom.

800_CoupleTogether_AdobeStock_55608789An  case study illustrates how to apply the SPARC business growth training concepts and tools in a real world business situation. Through this journey you will be following Tim and Pam Matthews. Tim and Pam have owned Matthews Appliance for nearly 30 years. Let’s get the program started by meeting the Matthews’.

1. Introducing Business Growth Training

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2. Defining Your Passion

Personal & Business Goal Assessment

g_Personal_Goal_AssessmentPassion is the fuel that drives every successful business owner. This business growth training course is designed to help you find your passion. If you’re just starting out it gets you pointed in the right direction. If you have been working in your business for many years, it helps you find the passion that drove you to do the impossible in the beginning and harness that fire again!

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3. What Is Your Stage of Business Growth?

Small Business Growth Assessment

g_Business_Growth_AssessmentBusiness growth is a simple formula. But, if you don’t know from where you’re starting determining your next move can be nearly impossible! This business growth training course will teach you the stages of business growth and factors that influence it. Then you will complete  a 36 yes/no questionnaire that will help you pinpoint your current growth stage so you can more effectively plan your next steps to create a successful self-sustaining business.

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4. Tuning Your Revenue Engine

Revenue Engine CheckupCash flow is the life blood of every business. Fix your cash flow and you fix your bottom-line! Use this powerful  business growth training course to learn what to monitor and how to manage the chokepoints in your operation that slow your cash flow; cause poor business performance; and rob your business of growth potential. This tool helps you understand and manage cause and effect in your business so you can predict what will happen when you make a change to your operation. It will allow you to make better and more profitable business decisions.

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5. High Impact Business Planning

A business plan should be helpful not hindering!  Too many business planning tools build a big bulky plan that takes forever to complete and does little to help you organize your  day-to-day operation to meet your annual business goal and objectives.  This small business tool focuses everything  into a 3 page plan with a 1 page budget.  Could you use that?  Quarterly action plans help you delegate  responsibility to the right people and create accountability in achieving your vision!

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Want to Help Refine and Test These Courses?

Members of the Business Growth Simplified community are being asked to help in the design and testing of our new SPARC DIY Training.  Many business owners have already benefited from content in these programs. But, it take a different level of emphasis and support to successfully deliver the same results in a training format.

So, we’re asking for your help. Just signup and participate in our Business Growth Webinar.  You can find out more about our webinars and get signed up by clicking the button below.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_btn title=”Find Out More” style=”custom” custom_background=”#009cee” custom_text=”#ffffff” align=”center” link=”||” button_block=”true”][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]