Business Growth Webinars & Events


The business landscape is ever changing.  As a change agent, BGS recognizes that you must be a learning organization to stay ahead of the curve or your business becomes the next casualty.  It is our business growth webinars & events that give us the agility to rapidly change to meet the market need.

Currently our business growth webinars are being used to design, develop, and test our SPARC DIY Online Training program.  As a result BGS is offering ongoing support to paid webinar participants, and DIY Members have FREE access to assist with the application of these powerful material to their business.

What You Get with Each pilot webinar:

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  • Course Workbook
  • SPARC Tools and Templates
  • Course Examples
  • 30-Days Online Forum Implementation Support




SPARC DIY – Step 1: Defining Your Passion

Passion is the fuel that drives every successful business
owner. This business growth training course
is designed to help you find your passion.

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Look how small business owners just like you have benefited from SPARC:

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“We didn’t even know business self-sustainability was possible for a company of our size. After applying the growth model presented within this book to our business we, increased our monthly revenue by 156% in 16 months. With the profitability from this growth and by putting the right people and systems in place, we’re discussing how we will spend our retirement from our business 12 months from now, and it will support us for the rest of our life without even having to sell the business!”

– Jenn and Mike Rowe, owners, Generations Carpet Cleaning

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