Thanks for your Business Accelerator Assessment Purchase

Thank you for purchasing your Business Accelerator Assessment..With this link you may download your Business Accelerator Assessment materials to get started.

Save the ZIP file to your computer and extract the ZIP onto your computer.  Three 3 folders will be created:
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  • 1 Personal Goal Assessment,
  • 2 Business Growth Assessment,
  • 3 Revenue Engine Performance Checkup


Each folder contains a READ ME FIRST document that will tell you how to complete the assessment questionairre and return it to BGS.  One og our coaches will run the models and write your Roadmap Report.  They will also contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the results of your assessment and the action plan presented in your Roadmap Report.

Thank you again for your order.  You can find valuable information by visiting our blog and business growth forum to explore the resources to help you grow your business and achieve the independence and financial freedom you dreamed of when you began your business!

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Dino Eliadis, Founder
Business Growth Simplified