Finding Your Fire Again – 7-Day Challenge

Thanks for joining the Finding Your Fire Again – 7-Day Challenge.  This challenge is meant give you a jumpstart in achieving your business goals by aligning what you want from life.

It is this passion helped you to do the seemingly impossible when you first started your business.  Through this challenge we will attempt to reconnect you with that fire once again!

Now that you are registered for the challenge, you will receive a Daily Challenge e-mail.  In it will be  a quick post to read or video the watch. It is meant to spark your mind to complete the short assignment within the e-mail.  It should take you less that 15-30 minutes to complete the entire exercise.

Post your assignments, questions, and comments in the 7-Day Challenge forum.  You can see how others are progressing and encourage each other as you work through the assignments.

Then on Day 7 I’ll have a scheduled online call with all the participants to discuss questions and  what you learned through the challenge.  Additionally, I will schedule a 1-to-1 Skype call with you to discuss my recommendations for next steps to meet your business growth goals for the year.

Thanks again for taking on this challenge.  And, let me know what I can do to help you throughout the process!