Independence & Financial Freedom from Your Small Business!

Website BGS_3D_Cover_white bkgrdBusiness Growth Simplified is a brand created by DE, Inc. from the title of our book with the same name.  It has grew out of more than 2 decades of serving the small business community.  It is designed to help small business owners to achieve what they dreamed of when they started their business – independence and financial freedom.

Today Business Growth Simplified is represented through the SPARC Business Growth Framework. SPARC is designed to help small business owners accelerate business growth to achieve business self-sustainability which is what creates independence and financial freedom.

SPARC Steps LogoThe SPARC Business Growth Framework is a strategic planning process that is  supported by a operational management model named Tuning Your Revenue Engine.  Using these business growth solutions our parent company, DE, Inc., has helped dozens of companies grow and flourish in both good times and bad.

Now with the process, tools, training, and resources pilot tested and implemented in several organizations, Business Growth Simplified takes on a life of its own with a greater purpose and vision of significance.  We believe this is a solution to decrease the number of failed business around the world and with that premise have made this is our vision.

SPARC Tools LogoTo accomplish our vision will take a large and coordinated effort.  We see Business Growth Simplified as the unifying method by which this vision can be realized!  It is a way of assuring standardization of delivery based on a proven model that when followed creates business self-sustainability in a way that gives independence and financial freedom to those that took the risk in the first place – small business owners everywhere.

Sound like a social responsible cause that you could get behind?  Here are the kind of organizations and people that we need on our team:

+ Economic Development Organizations
+ Business Incubators/Startup Programs
+ Industry Associations
+ Small Business Support Organizations
+ Trusted Advisors to Small Business

Each of these broad category has its part to play in making our vision a reality.  Are you up to the challenge?  Find out more by reading the book of the same title – Business Growth Simplified. To get involved in this socially responsible cause contact us by email us at