About Us

Our Vision

To reduce the number of failed small businesses around the world by helping small business owners achieve their dream for independence and financial freedom. Achieving our vision will help create stronger communities by increasing the number of available jobs and revenue all by just growing more self-sustainable businesses within the community.

The BGS Mission

To implement our vision Business Growth Simplified designed the SPARC Business Growth Framework to help business owners implement the philosophy of business self-sustainability in their company.  BSG offers the tools to assist small business owners and community technical assistance organizations in supporting these owners in developing and growing self-sustaining companies.

Who We Are

Business Growth Simplified is the brand created by DE, Inc. founder Dino Eliadis from the title of his book with the same name.  It grew out of his passion for serving the small business community by helping small business owners to achieve what they dreamed of when they started their business – independence and financial freedom.

Today Business Growth Simplified is represented through the SPARC Business Growth Framework. SPARC is designed to help small business owners accelerate business growth to achieve business self-sustainability which is what creates independence and financial freedom.